Secure Your Legacy: Kevin Pacheco’s Expert Insights on Estate Planning for All Ages

May 30, 2024



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The one where we learn about Estate Planning

In this episode, host Jennifer speaks with Kevin Pacheco, an accomplished insurance broker and wealth manager. They discuss the importance of estate planning for individuals of all ages and wealth levels. Kevin talks about his career, upcoming webinar on estate planning, the duties of an executor, tax strategies, and common misconceptions.

He emphasizes the significance of planning early, keeping plans updated, and ensuring that families are prepared for unforeseen circumstances. The webinar will feature a guest speaker and provide valuable information to help attendees start their estate planning journey.

Enjoy the conversation!

00:00 Meet Kevin Pacheco: A Trailblazer in Insurance and Wealth Management

05:04 The Importance of Estate Planning for Everyone

14:26 Key Topics and Practical Tips for Estate Planning

20:52 Kevin’s Personal Invitation and Free Resources for Estate Planning

24:00 The Impact of Life Insurance in Difficult Times

30:10 Post-Webinar Support and Resources

35:01 Personalized Estate Planning and Investment Advice

41:07 Wrap-up and concluding thoughts

About our Guest:

Kevin Pacheco is an accomplished insurance broker and wealth manager based in Canada, with a knowledgeable background in both industries. Kevin has built his career by working with top insurers to provide tailored solutions for his clients, ensuring they receive the best possible coverage and financial guidance.

With a comprehensive approach, Kevin offers a wide array of insurance services, including life insurance, critical illness insurance, personal health insurance, travel insurance, group benefits, disability insurance, and long-term care insurance. Additionally, he specializes in advanced insurance products such as term insurance, participating & whole life, and universal life.

He is also deeply involved in wealth management, offering services such as segregated funds, investment accounts, TFSAs, FHSPs, RRSPs, RESPs, RDSPs, LIFs/RRIFs, GICs, money market, and annuities. His goal is to help clients grow and protect their wealth through personalized financial strategies.

Episode Resources:

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  • Schedule a call with Kevin HERE

Podcast Transcripts:

Check out the episode transcript link HERE.

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