I’ve Been On The Real Estate Scene For Ages, But Who's Counting?

Okay sure, it’s been decades, but I measure them in the incredible moments helping people on their home journey.

But let’s be real.

Buying and selling a home? It's like that iconic Friends episode where Ross tries to maneuver a huge couch up a teeny staircase.

Awkward and a bit stressful, right?!

I SO get it!

The news. Family. Your bank balance. Everything can make you wonder if you need to pivot your plans.

But like Ross, you’re not alone.

The secret to getting everything you want is knowing what's possible for your season of life.

That's where I step in. Imagine me pulling up a chair at your kitchen table, coffee in hand, and ready to unravel the facts for you.

No judgement. No jargon. 

In a world full of opinions, I stick to truths honed from my decades-long experience. Then, I back it all up with market stats. Let’s save the drama for your next Friends marathon.

Need to pivot? I'll be there for you!

I’m your savvy guide in the world of Canadian real estate. I genuinely want you to make the best decision for YOU!
Questions popping up? Hit me up!


What I'm 


Turning up the volume on 80s & 90s jams and dancing. Impromptu dinner out. Sending gifts just because. Getting comfy in my cozies, Uggs or Lulus, after a day out visiting homes.

What I'm 


My bestie calls me the Perpetual Student, and she’s right. I always have a stack of books on the go and a podcast playlist queued up to feed my current curiosities.

What I'm 

not about

Less than three coffees a day. Pushy tactics or doom-and-gloom vibes or B.S. You will always get the truth from me.

what I


In magnifying possibilities. I know anyone can achieve their home and life goals, whether big or small. I want to show them how to make it happen!

magnify your money possibilities

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Steady dose of home tours. Unfiltered behind-the-scenes life of a realtor (and mom of teens). Soooo much coffee. Kitchen table conversations. Easy laughs. Straight-up expert facts to help you make informed decisions. Always, always ready to say hey.

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