Navigating Mortgage Options: A Comprehensive Guide to Home Financing

May 23, 2024



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Episode 011 The Jennifer Palozzi Show | with guest Michelle Campbell

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The one where we navigate mortgage options.

In this episode, host Jennifer speaks with long-time friend, Michelle, who is a mortgage broker principal at Mortgage District. They discuss the differences between a mortgage broker and a bank, the benefits of using a mortgage broker, and various types of lenders. Michelle details her journey into mortgage brokering, explains the intricacies of the Canadian mortgage market, including the mortgage stress test, fixed vs. variable rates, and common misconceptions about mortgages.

The episode also covers steps for first-time homebuyers, the importance of staying updated with market trends, and useful mortgage tools like the My Mortgage Planner app. Additionally, Michelle talks about new regulatory changes aimed at enhancing consumer protection and offers insights into renovation and deposit loans.

Enjoy the conversation!

About our Guest:

Michelle Campbell is the CEO and Principal Broker at Mortgage District Inc. With over 25 years of experience in the Mortgage Industry, she has established herself as a top-tier Mortgage Professional dedicated to advancing the industry. Her expertise is highly sought after by Lenders for input on product enhancement and innovation. Additionally, she has taken part in meetings with Members of Parliament at Queens Park and Parliament Hill, engaging in impactful discussions that advocate for consumers and the Mortgage Industry, bringing about positive change.

Michelle also holds the positions of Vice President, Secretary and Chair of Events at CMBA ON the industry’s Provincial association. She has been recognized as a Woman of Influence in the Mortgage Industry on three occasions and actively participates in initiatives that empower women. Through the CMOLIK Foundation, Michelle provides mentorship to young female students, equipping them with the necessary tools for success. Additionally, she is a founding member of How Women, a non-profit organization that supports aspiring and established women leaders in their personal and professional growth journey.

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